Apr 14, 2010

Update info -No.043 MIYUKI [PPV Visitation]-

AGE:20 T:150 B:88(E-70) W:58 H:83

Today our honorable HimeMix user visits to make a report and fuck a chick of course! Also, Mr. Takahashi(assumed name) who was a school teacher and Miyuki-chan who changes her clothes to a school girl costume start an erotic play of 'Teacher&His Student'! Under his guidance, she gives him a plumped titsfuck and vacuum blowjob and the teacher gets almost to the climax!! X-) Then his body shows something unusual...??

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Update info -No.349 NANA [PPM Main]-

No.349 NANA
AGE:20 T:157 B:86 D-65 W:57 H:86

Nana-chan has a slender body like Greek sculpture. She is shy, so I forced her to masturbate in a car with windows fully opened! Peered by passersby, her heart was about to blow up for the shame! But when my fingers stirred her shameful hole, she couldn't help dripping the juice from there ;-)

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Update info -No.045 AYUMI [PPM Visitation]-

No.045 AYUMI
AGE:20 T:155 B:82(D-65) W:62 H:86

I visited Ayumi-chan, who supports an unemployed musician boyfriend. I asked her to wear a high-school girl costume which her boyfriend bought by himself and do me a blow job pretending that I was the boyfriend. Her technique was far beyond my imagination and I almost came before I complete my mission! @w@ I punished her by shooting a lot in her mouth!!

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Update info -No.137 RISA iPod [PPV iPod]-

No.137 RISA iPod
AGE:20 T:159 B:81(B-65) W:60 H:82

It's been 6 months since Risa-chan had moved to this room, but she hasn't bought a bed yet. Are we going to have sex on the floor!? So, we went shopping and got a sleeping mattress. I have done a lot for Risa-chan already, and I expect she will do some for me using her honey pot :-)

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Update info -No.136 AZUSA iPod [PPV iPod]-

No.136 AZUSA iPod
AGE:18 T:153 B:84(C-65) W:59 H:87

Here comes Azusa-chan. Her lively talk makes me cheerful (lol). She says she loves to have sex... And yes! She looks getting a real pleasure from having sex. Her tiny lolita body bounces every time I poke her :-)

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Update info -No.348 KANA [PPM Main]-

No.348 KANA
AGE:23 T:168 B:82 C-65 W:58 H:83

Kana-chan works at a travel agency, and she came to us after hours. She's got ample ass for her slender body, and looks so yummy. :-) She was tense at first, but my fingering to her pussy gradually loosend her... and she splashed! I couldn't stop going further, finally, I came inside of her!!

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Apr 10, 2010

Update info -No.115 MIKI [PPM Geeky]-

No.115 MIKI
AGE:20 T:162 B:93(E-70) W:60 H:88

Miki-chan, the "Mango-boobs", is devoured by two men! Apparently she had a long face, but her body was reacting differently… Then her face became ecstatic and she gave them a double blow job!! Finally, her mouth and pussy got so busy!

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Update info -No.344 YUUKI [PPV Main]-

No.344 YUUKI
AGE:- T:154 B:85(C-65) W:60 H:86

Yuuki-chan came to us without knowing what to do... So I forced her to masturbate in a car! In a bed, my offense continued and she was reacting so sensitively with pleasure... I thought she had a taste of masochism. But the tables turned! Now it's her turn to attack me... She licked my tits while she was working hard on my dick with her hands and plenty of saliva! Oh, how sadistic she was! XD

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Update info -No.135 RIN iPod [PPV iPod]-

No.135 RIN iPod
AGE:20 T:156 B:87(E-70) W:58 H:85

Here comes Rin-chan in the costume of Haruhi. It's a self-made. No wonder it really fits her! She looks childish but when it comes to masturbation, she screams and comes by pushing a vibrating rotor onto her clit! This is a live-action version of erotic cartoon!!

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Update info -No.134 HARUNA iPod [PPV iPod]-

No.134 HARUNA iPod
AGE:21 T:164 B:86 E-65 W:58 H:90

Haruna-chan, who's agreed to take on her first shooting smiley without even the slightest show of annoyance, turned me on licking all over her pussy :-) But even she couldn't keep her smile when I pissed on her…

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